Trips To Rajasthan-Refresh Your Mind And Soul

India Travel Notes presents: Rajendra Sharma

India Travel Notes – Trips To Rajasthan-Refresh Your Mind And SoulIf you want to taste the royalty of Rajas and Maharajas or if you want to experience the rich culture and heritage of India, then pack up your bags and explore the different sites of Rajasthan. India’s tradition, culture and rich heritage resides in the heart of Rajasthan. To name a few, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Rambagh Palace Hotel, Jantar Mantar, Chittorgarh fort, famous Keoladeo Ghana National Park are the main centre of attraction. [ Photograph by Zé Eduardo ] People from every corner of India as well as foreigners come here to feel the warmth of its rich culture and heritage. The beauty of Rajasthan is indefinable. The people who visit the place once cannot resist themselves from visiting twice or may be thrice. If you had not visited the place ever, then make up your mind to visit at least once. Its exotic beauty will call you repeatedly. So, plan your trip to Rajasthan at the earliest.

The best period to explore the forts, monuments, deserts and lakes of Rajasthan is winter. People of every age visit the place. It is sure that you will always treasure your trip to Rajasthan in your heart. With increasing tourism, many old and neglected forts are converted into hotels. Every category of people wants to taste the glory of the place. Once you visit Rajasthan, it refreshes your mind and soul. Rajasthan is very rich in historic tradition. A person who visits Rajasthan once can feel why India is called a land of rich heritage and culture. Rajathani handicrafts are also very famous. Some of the best handicrafts in metal, wood, ceramic, marble, cloth, and camel hide can be found here. People are crazy for Rajasthani lehengas and cholis. It is also a very good shopping destination. Exotic jewellery is also very eye-catching. Camel is an integral part of desert life and their importance is quite visible during the desert festival.

Rajasthani folk music and culture is also very famous. The main inhabitants are Marwaris. Its beauty and rich culture cannot be ignored. Another attraction of Rajasthan is the Pushkar temple and the Ajmer Sharif. You will definitely fall in love with the place, when the banks of Pushkar Lake lights up in the evening. Rajasthan folk song and dance is quite attractive. If culture and heritage is concerned, then Rajasthan tops the chart. The ghoomer dance of Rajasthan is so appealing that people of other caste and creed tap their feet when the music plays. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Ranthambhore National Park, Desert National Park, Sariska National Park is a must watch things in Rajasthan. All those things will make your trip to Rajasthan a memorable one.

Since, Rajasthan attracts a large number of tourists every year, the government is spending a large sum of money to enhance its charisma. As it is a wonderful tourist spots and its beauty mesmerizes a large mass, the local people plan everything from business point of view. Its exotic beauty also drags the filmmakers to shoot films there. Sand dunes, beautiful sunsets, camel rides and of course awesome food attracts everyone. So, do not think twice and book you ticket today for a memorable Rajasthan trip.

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