Himachal Pradesh Tourism – Magnanimity of Paradise on Earth

By Kandpal Chandra Subhash

The most attractive, charming and picturesque state known to be as “Heart of India”, Himachal Pradesh comprises of the natural hill stations, mountains, lakes, terrific temples and flaking snow, which makes your Himachal Pradesh Tour worth cherishing.

India Travel Notes – Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Photographed by Genevieve Tearle

Himachal Pradesh tour not only comprises the spectacular beauty of the place but the adventure that comes simultaneously as Himachal Pradesh is known for its above level sports, mountaineering, fishing, angling etc.

Some of the best tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh are:

Dharmshala: The most striking town of the entire Himachal Pradesh, Dharmshala is a complete blend of beauty, art and entertainment at its best. Magnificent view of snowy peaks, streams, cool healthy air and attractive surroundings, Dharmshala has everything for a perfect holiday. It is full of life yet it’s peaceful for those who love serene and tranquil surroundings.

Dalhousie: City of tall deodar trees, Dalhousie is covered with beautiful and gigantic snow caped mountains that give a heavenly view to the tourists. The best thing about Dalhousie is that despite so many years it has retained its old charm, its churches, and houses with Scottish and Victorian architectures. A trip to Dalhousie will make your Travel to Himachal Pradesh a delightful experience.

Chamba: Chamba is a small town but its natural beauty touches your senses and soul. Chamba is a wonder in itself and a complete delight for every visitor. The valley has magnificent sceneries with well defined snowy ranges providing the warmth and hospitality for an easy and comfortable Himachal Tour.

Kullu: The spectacular attraction of Himachal Tour, Kullu is magnificently beautiful place to be in. The Kullu valley is said to be an end to the habitable world because of extreme cold but you will love to visit this place. Make sure to enjoy the breezy wind, icy glaciers, and popular ice games in Kullu and make your visit full of fun and enjoyment.

Manali: Manali being a small hill station is worth visiting site of entire Himachal Pradesh town. After Kullu, Manali is most preferred hill station to be visited in India. Its charm, the green fertile vegetation, tweets of the singing birds and slow motion of the icy glaciers makes its picturesque and the most attractive part of Himachal Tour.

Khajjiar: known as the “Gulmarg of Himachal”, Khajjiar is covered with lush green grass and is surrounded by a thick green forest of pine and cedar. You will see grazing sheep, horses and a small lake among the fields, which makes for perfect pastoral scenery. It is an ideal getaway for a picnic while traveling between Dalhousie and Chamba.

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