Why Should You Try Kerala Holidays at Least Once?

By James D John

Is it time for another vacation? Are you searching for a place that can make you forget all your problems and fall in love with nature? If so, you need a few Kerala holidays that can let you relax and unwind and fresh to meet your life. Kerala, you must be aware, is a place that is blessed abundantly by nature with all beautiful varieties. You need waterfalls, beaches, mountain ranges or even forests? You’ll find all of these in Kerala and a lot more. Kerala holidays are one of most unforgettable moments for most visitors who come here for their vacation, sometimes alone and sometimes with family.


Kerala is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Western Ghats that makes the place special and unique in many ways. While different from all the Dravidian cultures of other South Indian states, the place and the people here are not only different from others but also different from each other. And this difference in people can be seen the cities and villages also of this place. Each place is very different from the other, yet bound to each other by traditions and culture that belongs to Kerala only.

Besides the variety of natural wonders that Kerala offers such as Munnar, Kovalam, Kumarakom, etc., there are a lot more in this little state that lies at the southern tip of India. The historical monuments in this place the Bekal Fort in Kasargod, Jewish synagogue in Mattancherry and ShriPadmanabhapuram palace in Thiruvanthapuramcan not only take your breath away with their beauty but also tell you several interesting stories about the past of Kerala.

When you visit Kerala, a visit to a single tourist destination is seldom sufficient. Kerala holidays have to include at least two weeks so that you could visit every destination here and enjoy the sights and the pleasures that are available here. For example, there are many visitors who wish to visit the ayurvedic treatment centres in Kerala for rest and rejuvenation, but that doesn’t even make a half of what this place has to offer. The stay at houseboats, the delicious cuisine of this place, the resorts by the side of the waterfalls, etc. are attractions that you’ll never find anywhere else in the world.

For tourists from all parts of the world, once you decide to make Kerala your holiday destination the rest of the processes are fairly simple. Moreover, there are many travel agencies that can arrange a tension free travel and accommodation for you, no matter from which place you are. Right from the time you arrive any of the three international airports in Kerala till you return, you are going to find excellent service and hospitality, which has always been the highlight of this place.

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