Why You Should Take a Look at a Kerala Travel Map While Planning Your Trip There

By Mejason John

DSCN1367Kerala is a southernmost state in India blessed with natural beauty. It is known as ‘Gods own country’ as it looks like made by the very own hands of God. Kerala is famous for its spices, culture, Ayurveda and its vast backwaters and houseboats. Kerala had trade relations with different parts of the world dated from 5th BC. It is also the place where the Portuguese captain Vasco Da Gama landed and henceforth the beginning place for colonialism which ruled India for years.

Being the first place to establish trading relations with the west, Kerala has lots of forts and buildings built by the Portuguese and British and are an open window to the past. These historic monuments show the beauty of western architecture and are centre of tourist attraction.

But it is not these historical buildings that attract tourists to Kerala. It is the beauty of its nature, which is blessed both with mountain ranges and forests on the east and the Arabian sea and backwaters on the West.

A travel map? Why?

There are so many places in Kerala to be seen, so unless you are planning to stay here for a long time you need to plan your holidays properly. There is every chance that you miss one beautiful tourist attraction while having a hasty trip from one place to another. Just by taking five minutes to look at your Kerala Map, you can avoid all this and have a beautiful experience of lifetime.

Why has a hasty trip when you can avoid it?

This is a common problem faced by many tourists. They visit Kerala for a short holiday and most time travel from one end to another missing the soothing experience of Kerala, the reason why they chose to come here. Kerala is a place to relax your mind. It is not a place where you can find the rush of a metro, large shopping malls and theme parks, but a place where you live in harmony with nature.

There are places where you need to stay longer and places where you can just skim through. For example you can enjoy the backwaters only if you stay there for a day on a houseboat. But in Trivandrum which houses most of the palaces of old Kings of Kerala, it may take only one day to visit them all. So when you plan your holiday it is better to plan it with the help of a travel map.

So in short my advice is Get a Kerala Travel Map, find the best places and plan your holidays accordingly.

Wish you a Happy Journey to the ‘God’s own country’.

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