Enjoy India Holidays With Best Winter Destinations

By Nishant Kukreja

What makes India suitable to enjoy, even during the winter season is its snow draped valleys, charming cold rivers, and its frozen lakes. This is what makes the location just perfect when it comes to enjoying India at its best.

India Travel Notes - India Winter Destinations

One such place to get enthralled even amidst bone chilling winters is Shimla. Travelers enjoy to optimum as this place was once the winter capital of the Britishers. Retaining that old charm coupled with massive beauty, Shimla with a well-built city-like infrastructure is an ideal place to be in. The recent development of this place has given it good markets, great accommodation options and lovely tourist locations thereby making it more popular. The best part of this place is that it acts more like a base camp from where travelers can visit a lot to other great places. Excellent connectivity to Delhi furthers its grace and value especially for the travelers who come to its vicinities.

Another great place is Gulmarg, which is located in Kashmir. The place is exactly located near Shrinagar. Travelers come to the vicinities of Gulmarg to witness the most scenic winter marvels of the world. Perfection reigns supreme here. The snow and mountains slopes here are just perfect for the purpose of skiing and other snow laden activities. In fact, it is the Gulmarg that is reputed to be the popular location for Skiing in India. Travelers enjoy skiing season that stretches from December end to mid-March.

Manali is another beautiful place that is located in Himachal Pradesh. It falls in the category of last towns before the famous Rohtang pass. Although, it is exceptionally beautiful in the winters, it stays closed to excessive snow. Travelers enjoy white snow along the river Beas, flowing right through Manali. Travelers also enjoy loads of skiing activities in its vicinities.

Auli is another place full of beauty and serenity. Located near the Joshimath, the winter home of the priests of Badrinath, it is also one of the best skiing locations in India. Beauty of Joshimath is unparalleled on the other hand. There is no dearth of enjoyment in the high mountaintops that stay covered by snow. As Auli is well connected by road, it is the best place to reckon with when it comes to winter holidays in India.

Known as the Chota-mansarovar in the old times, India homes another magnificent place known as Nainital. One of the perfect winter locations, Auli is simply marvelous. The significance enhances with the fact that it is surrounded by bustling market. As Nainital is just about 300 km from Delhi, it is among the most popular destinations of India.

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