How About Taking a Trip to India

By Annelee Karlsson

India is a destination in the world where investing wildlife and adventure vacation can really turn out to be your dream vacation.India is also the land of culture, spices, art and intelligence has numerous reasons to offer an analysis.If you’ve picked India as your travel destination, here are some nice India travel suggestions that would make your journey enjoyable and as smooth.


India is a fascinating destination to visit since it has different places, monuments, forts and wildlife locations to give you adventure.

South India is blessed with much sightseeing like sandy beaches, historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and many more. India trekking adventure covering best adventure destinations in Kumaon and Zanskar, following trekking routes.Discover fascinating Buddhist destinations of India, providing wholly mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. There is a certain image about, India with mystics and snake charmers, poverty, palanquin bearers, slums, child laborer corruption. There are many cities and places you will want to visit in India. I will just mention a few of them here. This little article could not cover the whole great country of India.

If you are preparing for vacation in India, Goa would be the right place for you if you like the beach. It is also known as the beach capital of India, and undoubtedly it is a lifetime experience for anyone. The dazzling Goa has long been a magnet for travelers inclined towards adventure and fun. If you are a keen wind surfer or water sports enthusiast, you will possibly also like Goa. Goa is one of the most generalized states in India, and for a worldwide vacationer, a trip to India can never be complete without seeing the lovely beach.

Kerala also known as the gods own county is one of the most beautiful and charming states of India. We all know Kerala is known as green paradise on earth, has some of the immaculate hill stations in India. Kerala is located on the south western tip of India and is probably the most beautiful and cleanest state of India. Kerala is a charming land of gurgling backwaters, seductive beaches and rich culture. Tourists who love to spend their holidays in lap of nature should keep visiting Kerala. Kerala beauty needs no words to describe not it needs to be praised as it is globally famous for its astonishing beauty of nature.

Chennai is located on the west cost, and it is highly nice to feel the sea breath while you are walking at the beach. In the state Tamil Nadu is the south Indian capital Chennai positioned. The City is located on the coromandel coast along the bay of bengal. Once a tiny fishing village, Chennai is now one of the 4 chief metropolitan cities of India. Most of the Chennai hotels are located within nearby proximity to the local places of a tourist attraction and city center.

New Delhi serves as the capital of India and its also regarded as the drastic hub of modified business and commercial tasks. New Delhi, the third major city and the traveler’s delight is known for its historical moments and cultural heritage. Delhi is one of the places you require to visit every time you travel to India.

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