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Kerala Beaches and Backwaters Tours

India Travel Notes presents: By Michael Braganza

Beaches and backwaters are the prime attractions of Kerala, India tours. The beautiful Indian state of Kerala has some of finest beaches in the world. Beaches here are exceptionally beautiful and nature has blessed them uniquely. Tourists from all over the world visit Kerala beaches in quite large numbers. Beaches provide amazing sightseeing options as well as wonderful holiday options. Beaches are dotted with swaying palm coconut tress creating green and serene ambiance for memorable holiday. Beaches are ideal for swimming. There are several options to do on Kerala beaches, such as; swimming, sun bathing, beach volley ball, water fun, water sports, nature walk, river cruise, sunset watch, etc. You will surly love to enjoy these beach activities on your Kerala beach tours.


Beaches of the state are also known for Ayurveda and Yoga. There are several spa, yoga and ayurvedic treatment centers on the beaches of the state. Ayurvedic treatment resorts on the beaches are considered as the prime attractions of the Kerala tours and travel. Ayurvedic resorts of the state provide refreshing and mind relaxing holiday option. Today Kerala is globally name for its ayurvedic beach resorts among those tourists who want to get rejuvenated and revitalized as well as sightseeing and memorable holiday. Today Ayurveda – the Indian ancient treatment system – is at its boom. And people willing to get refreshed their mind and blow embark on ayurveda tours in Kerala from all over the world. There are several hotels and resorts that are widely acclaimed for ayurvedic treatment and massage therapy as well as wonderful stay & holiday options. They are also known for excellent accommodation.
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An Outstanding Goa Tour Package With Goa Travel Guide

India Travel Notes presents: By Sanjog KR

Some of the finest churches and temples in the world, unbeatable array of over 40 beaches, active and enthusiastic nightlife, colourful festivities and celebrations, perfect blend of the sun-sea-sand-surf and seafood, and the best of natural beauty between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea – Welcome to Goa, the queen of beaches!

India Travel Notes – An Outstanding Goa Tour Package With Goa Travel Guide

Photographed by Anoop Negi

Goa came into limelight in the 1970’s with the invasion of the hippies. They introduced the state with lively parties and unique lifestyle. Together with the typical Portuguese culture & traditions, Goa emerged as a great tourist destination. Today, the ‘Rave Parties’ are converted into the ‘Trance Parties’, but the spirit of music-dance-celebration is still the same. The law here is quite liberal regarding the consumption of alcohol, and its crystal clear beaches form a popular destination among the honeymoon couples, rest seekers, nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and almost all types of vacationers.
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Experience Temple Tour to South India

India Travel Notes presents: By Chandan Kumar Sinha

Pristine backwater beauty, charm of sun-kissed beaches, ancient cultural heritage, aroma of spice and coffee plantations and enticing wildlife sanctuaries, Kerala offer something for all kinds of travellers. Especially those with a little religious bend of mind and those keen on learning about Indian architectural heritage, temple tours to South India has a lot on offer. Southern part of the country is dotted with a plethora of exquisite temple architecture which has been applauded by the world for its intricate designing and captivating festivities. These temples are of great cultural, religious and emotional relevance to the people and thus one must respect the traditional practices while exploring temples on a South India tour.


Apart from the geographical splendour the architecturally brilliant and religiously significant temples are also a must visit attraction on South India tours. Some of the must visit temples of South India include:

Balaji Temple of Tirupati
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Tamilnadu Temples – The Epitome of Creativity

India Travel Notes presents: By Manish Kr Sinha

The enthralling experience of the beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, picturesque wildlife parks make Tamilnadu a land of tourist delight. It is rich in natural and cultural heritage which can be seen through a plethora of panoramic and historical sites across the state. It is well known for its magnificent temples, which are the main attractions of tourist across the globe. These temples, monuments, forts and palaces are tantamount to paradise for all arts lovers and are supreme examples of man-made wonders uttering the historical saga of the bygone era. It is the southernmost state of India often referred as the gateway to South India. It is the land of Tamil Civilization renowned for its Dravidian style of temples, archaeological sites, natural resources and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Meenakshi Temple:

India Travel Notes – Tamilnadu Temples - The Epitome of Creativity

Photograph by Christian Lagat

Meenakshi Temple is known for its intricate rock carvings across the globe and unfurls the saga of historical legacy of Tamilnadu’s arts and culture. It is located on the bank of River Vaigai in the Madhurai district. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the ‘form of Sundareswarar or beautiful Lord’ and his consort, Goddess Parvati in the ‘form of Meenakshi’ and that’s why it is also known as Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple. The architectural supremacy of this temple reflects the 2500 years old legacy of Madhurai. The magnificently adorned temple complex consists of 14 Gopurams including the two golden towers Gopurams for the main deities. These Gopurams are renowned for the elaborate sculptures and the paintings of deities incarnations. The intricate mythological theme based design mesmerises visitors and remain the case study for historians. The tallest temple tower is 51.9 metres (170 ft) high showcasing the architectural brilliance of the Tamil Culture.
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