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Excellent Budget Holiday Packages to Goa

By Martha Joseph

Goa has always been a famous tourist destination for decades. People from across the world come to this warm beach state to spend their holidays and enjoy the food, sun and beach. The influx of tourists has only made it easier for medium range to budget hotels to come up in the state. Goa is a holiday destination which is open for tourists all through the year. The tourists can definitely expect to have a good time in this serene beach state throughout the year. Though Goa has some defined seasons when one should visit and enjoy all the attractions this splendid state has to offer.

India Travel Notes – Excellent Budget Holiday Packages to Goa

Photograph by Peter Akkermans

Various tour and travel agencies, travel agents and online travel sites offer a variety of budget holiday packages for Goa. These budget holiday packages pick up and drop to the hotels, sightseeing of the various places of interest in Goa, visit to the casino (if included and planned), indulging in some water activities on the beaches of Goa, visiting the shopping areas and flea market of Goa, enjoying at a nightclub of one’s choice or recommendation, a ride on the traditional ferry of Goa to enjoy the live traditional Goan music and dance, etc. The budget holiday packages to Goa have made it easy for the traveller to enjoy a few days away from the mundane city life. Some of these packages may or may not include the travel from one’s originating destination to Goa but if one wants they can have this included too by speaking with their travel agent.
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An Outstanding Goa Tour Package With Goa Travel Guide

India Travel Notes presents: By Sanjog KR

Some of the finest churches and temples in the world, unbeatable array of over 40 beaches, active and enthusiastic nightlife, colourful festivities and celebrations, perfect blend of the sun-sea-sand-surf and seafood, and the best of natural beauty between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea – Welcome to Goa, the queen of beaches!

India Travel Notes – An Outstanding Goa Tour Package With Goa Travel Guide

Photographed by Anoop Negi

Goa came into limelight in the 1970’s with the invasion of the hippies. They introduced the state with lively parties and unique lifestyle. Together with the typical Portuguese culture & traditions, Goa emerged as a great tourist destination. Today, the ‘Rave Parties’ are converted into the ‘Trance Parties’, but the spirit of music-dance-celebration is still the same. The law here is quite liberal regarding the consumption of alcohol, and its crystal clear beaches form a popular destination among the honeymoon couples, rest seekers, nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and almost all types of vacationers.
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Live Your Goa Tour With Goa Adventure Sports Guide

India Travel Notes presents: by SANJOG KR

Looking for an incomparable adventuresome trip? If you are a keen windsurfer or water sports enthusiast, visit the fabulous Goan coastline. Pack your bag, board and rig, and you’re absolutely on the right track. Water sports and other activities in Goa, along with your friends or family, can be a great fun as well as unforgettable experience in your life. Such activities are a prime and exciting option while holidaying in Goa.

India Travel Notes – Live Your Goa Tour With Goa Adventure Sports Guide

Photograph by Peter Akkermans

Major Sports/Activities Goa’s golden beaches, mesmerizing climate and long shoreline together form a perfect place for adventure. When it comes to purely the water sports, Goa is frequented for Dinghy Sailing (beer and sandwich sailing), Scuba Diving, Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Angling, Parasailing etc.
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Discover A New Life With Water Sports In Goa

India Travel Notes presents: SANJOG KR

If adventure is your cup of tea, and you are thinking about India- do not forget to spend a few days in Goa. This small state is a paradise while choosing your honeymoon packages or planning a relaxing holiday with family or friends. Goa is a gem in your India tour which offers the best of water sports. India tourism is famous for its diversities, which offers something exciting to all its guests.

India Travel Notes – Discover A New Life With Water Sports In Goa

If you think that Goa is only about picturesque palm-fringed beaches, think again. This evergreen destination is known as India’s most exciting, romantic, laid back and classic tourist destination. Whether you are searching for fun, adventure, sunshine, spirituality, relaxation or the best of sea food- Goa is the perfect magical land for you. When it comes to adventure, this small state is a paradise for all the water sports lover. The long coastline of Goa offers excellent opportunities to indulge in a number of water sports activities. A few popular activities in this category are: -Dinghy Sailing -Parasailing -Scuba Diving -Water Skiing -Water Scootering -Windsurfing -Jet Skiing -Banana Boat Riding -Swimming -Snorkeling -Deep Sea Fishing
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Famous Travel Destinations of India

India Travel Notes presents: By Archna Gupta

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir has been famous for its beauty since time immemorial and was properly described as heaven on earth . The state has some of the best tourist spots in the entire country. Tourists not only India but also the world over come to appreciate the natural beauty of the state. The tourism industry has benefited the economy status. Some of the main attractions in the state are Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Leh, Patnitop and Ladakh. The city of Jammu is popularly known as a city of temples. Srinagar is famous for its lakes and boat house while Kashmir, known for its scenic beauty and rich cuisine is quite popular among tourists. The boat house dal lake is one of the main attractions of Kashmir. Another tourist attraction is the main Mughal Gardens of Srinagar. While on a visit to Kashmir should not also miss some of the different perspectives of adventure available, like trekking, skiing and carrying by raft. Kashmir also has some of the best textbooks in the country. Srinagar is known for its traditional crafts.

India Travel Notes – Famous Travel Destinations of India

Auli, 16 Km.from Joshimath and accessible by a good motorable road, is an ideal Ski resort with it’s slopes comparable to the best in the world. The resort is run by GMVN, which, apart from providing accommodation also organizes all facilities for Skiing. The season extends from January to March during which time skiing festivals and the national championships are held. The Auli slopes, descending from 3049 Mtrs to 2915 Mtrs are flanked by conifers and oaks which cut wind velocity to the minimum. Adding to the thrill of skiing is a 180 degrees view of Himalayan peaks which include Nanda Devi, Kamet, Manaparvat and Dunagiri.The conditions for skiing are perfect. A 500 Mtrs long ski-lift and an 800 Mtrs long chair-lift link the upper and lower slopes and snow beaters and snow packing machines maintain the smoothness of the slopes. Skiers can enjoy almost 20 Km of virgin slopes which provide excellent opportunities for cross country, slalom and down-hill skiing events.An added attraction is a 3.9 Km long cable car which links Joshimath with the upper slopes of Auli and moves on to gorson. GMVN provides modern skiing equipment on higher.
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South India Tour Experience

India Travel Notes presents: South India is a place of Versatility. If you wanted to visit a place where expecting the people to be welcoming you with the brightest innocent smiles , straight away head ahead to South India. In south India , we could enjoy the real spiritiual experience in the holy city of tamilnadu, Natures beauty is enlivened in Kerala, Karnataka the origin of Coorg and Andhra pradhash – where a new dimension is mixing up with the ancient culture and could enjoy visiting the various – enriched Monuments and will have excellent shopping Melas and experiences. No one will forget Goa if visiting once – it is real and real a divine experience.

DSC02640 R

In Tamilnadu, we could see wonderfully built and culturally speaking Temples for eg., Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple , this is a temple which is certainly beyond description. You will definitely astonished by the ancient state of Arts and the Sculptures speaks many talents of ancient days. Naadi Jothidam – A famous Astrological experience awaits you in Kumba konam and in Tanjore – where you will get all perfect predictions about your present and future events. Once you are visiting , you wont forget the experience since I was not at all believing astrology wherein once I had my fingerprint checked and heard the predictions, terribly shocked to note that how accurate they have been by telling my husband’s name , kids name and their age , date of birth , important events of life and lot more – I have heard about south Indian Miracles during my childhood and this is certainly to be experienced by each and every individual.
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Goa Beaches

India Travel Notes presents: By yogesh kumar

Goa, an endearing abode of scenic charm is a paradise, squeezed between the seas and the lush forested hills. Offering glistening sands, swaying coconut palms and ultra fresh seafood. Your Goa Tours will involve exploring sensuous beaches and historical forts that have kept the legacy of Portuguese alive. Travel to Goa, to explore the mystical charisma of the exotic abode. It is a promise that Goa will add some golden moments in your memorabilia.

India Travel Notes – Goa Beaches

The whole world knows Goa as the land of fun and frolic, land of mesmerizing beaches or the destination of most effervescent carnivals. However, one thing that instantly strikes you when you land in Goa is the culture. It is just the right blend of ethnic Indian Konkani and the reminiscent Potuguese. On one side there are vast expanses of beaches where the sun, sand and sea conjugate into crystal turquoise waters and on the other, there are lavish
Konkani mountains and wild greens.
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Goa Tourism India

India Travel Notes presents: By Satya Narayan

Beaches Of Goa

The mystic land of India has many holiday destinations, which are as much interesting as the southwestern beaches of India. The scintillating beaches of India are an unforgettable and memorable experience that presents a tempting combination of sun, sand, sea and sport! India offers a list of options when it comes to beach holidays. Be it the picturesque beaches of Kovalam, Marina or Goa, there are some entertainment hidden for every vacationer in each one of them. The beaches not only focus on tourism but also on the entertainment for local people.

India Travel Notes – Goa Tourism India

If you plan of holidaying and getting in touch with Mother Nature then Goa is the place where you need to relax your mind and soul. Along with the beaches that attract a millions of visitors to its shores, Goa is also a place of carnivals and ages old churches, temples, lighthouses to gaze up at and traditional villages that will carry you to forgotten days. The local people are as lively as Goa. They are courteous and helpful to the tourists, making this land a perfect getaway for any vacationer!
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Goa – The Perfect Holiday Destination

India Travel Notes presents: By Aparajita Shankar

If you believe in the phrase ‘Life is a party’, then Goa is the perfect destination for your next holidays. And for those who have a different opinion, will start rethinking to redefine their philosophy once they are here.

Goa India travel enlightens the tourists with its fascinating beaches and other tourist spots like Aguada Fort, Dudhsagar waterfall, and the churches. The various churches of Goa are solely the legacy of Portuguese colonization.


Goa is an integral part of the Portuguese heritage with a wide array of intriguing tourist spots. A visit to Goa while India travel unveils natural and monumental treasures that include forts, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, and rivers. For those who have an affinity with nature, Goa tour offers a special refreshing experience.

Each of the Goan beaches exudes a personality of its own. From the peppy ones which are kept awake all night by trance parties to the long stretches of virgin beach territories, Goa has something to offer to every holiday mood.

Goa has flamboyant life style with colorful fairs and festivals. Festivals in Goa speak of India’s rich culture and traditional background. Music and dance is the integral part of every Goan festival.
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