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India Travel Guide – Riding the Railways

By Ama Singh

Travelling by rail in India is considered an integral part of any visit, and I found it to be a very rewarding experience on my trip. That is, once you’ve made some sense of the various ticket classes – there are seven, in all – and once you’ve actually bought a ticket; the melee you find at your average ticket counter requires no small amount of determination to overcome.

India Travel Notes – Our image of the week

Photograph by Raghuram Ashok

In total, in my three-month visit, I took eleven trains, amounting to 114 hours in transit and covering a little over 4,300 kilometres. Based on those journeys, here are my essential pointers, intended to help you get the most out of your trip. The overriding principle is to “be prepared”:
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India Travel Tips

By Monica Mandal

Passport, Visa and Important Documents

To visit and explore India, you need valid passport and visa to India. Always carry passport, visa and other travel documents at all times. It is always advisable to keep photocopy of passport and other travel documents. Always take a photocopy of your passport (with personal detail and photograph), copy of the page with your Indian Visa, a photocopy of your travel insurance policy, and keep a record of the traveller’s cheques you have exchanged, where they were encashed, the amount and serial number and never keep them together. It’s not a bad idea to leave photocopies of your important travel documents with a friend or relative at home.

India Travel Notes – Our image of the week

Photograph by – Bikramjeet Singh

To go to certain destinations in India one needs additional permits such as Andaman Islands, Gujarat, Ladakh, Kerala, and more. Check with your travel agent or embassy while planning your visit.


It is very important to keep your money and travel documents together. India transport system is very too but crowded too. So beware of pick pockets and thieves in buses, trains and crowded places. Be alert in dark and lonely places. Never keep your money at one place. In case your passport is stolen or lost, immediately lodge FIR at the local police station and notify your country’s embassy or consulate. While traveling alone don’t familiarize with unknown people. Don’t encourage beggars.
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A Brief Description With the Facts of India Travel Information

By Elina Joshef

A brief description or a complete article focused on India Travel Information can inspire you to visit this land of mysteries at least once in your lifetime. Such an article can be a superb guide for your visit to select which part would the best to visit.

India Travel Notes-  Our image of the week

Photograph by Boazimages

India is holding the glorious pride of the oldest democracy in the whole world containing a number of states. Each and every state is different from the other with various unique features in terms of culture, language and lifestyle. Almost all the states and cities of this land have something or other to catch the attention of the tourists. No single place of this country will bore you if you come to visit without any previous knowledge or preparation. Even the variety is also an intense factor as far as the vacation in India is concerned. Kashmir to Kanya kumari you will definitely get some mesmerizing travel destination in this country.

Let us have a complete and brief overview about various important destinations of this country starting from the far north. The great Himalayan ranges have been performing as a guard to this land since the dawn of civilization. Apart from this factor Indian Travel and Tourism industry owes a lot to the splendid beauty of this part along with various fauna and flavours. The desire to explore deep mysteries in the lap of the Himalayas attracts tourists specifically the trekkers to come and reveal it in their own terms. A number of tourist destinations lie in this area of the great Himalayas. Each and every place is unique with their distinct charm and landscape.

Undoubtedly the Kashmir valley is the queen of all places in the whole world. In spite of the huge controversies and wars nothing is able to minimize its charm to the tourists all over the world. The snow covered mountain peaks enhance the beauty of the whole place and leave the tourists speechless. This is not only the favourite place for the international tourists but also a favourite one for the Indian citizens. This is a very favourite place for Most of the travel agencies and they include this specific place in their Package tour in India.

Another place is a consistent one and that is Agra for the beautiful piece of architecture called Taj Mahal. The architecture and the construction plan is a surprise for modern researchers till today and they go back to this place just to know more and gather enough knowledge. This is considered as the pride of India and is recognized among the wonders of the world for a long time. How can the tourist agencies exclude such a place from their list of Package tour in India? This outstanding monument evokes the interest among the tourists for years and after years and hope to continue.

The south is not so beyond as far as the natural beauty is concerned from the north. One of the states in south called Kerala is considered as the exotic vacation place in the country. The place has been recognizing due to its exceptional flora and fauna. The deep water trip is one of the desired vocational tours for the Indians as well as for various foreign tourists. The Tourist Information in India can never be considered without a proper mention of this water land.

Even a tour to this state is considered as the most expensive one among the rest. This is a complete contrast with the northern zone in terms of its culture, lifestyle even in its natural beauty. This article has dealt with to most distinguished places in this land just to give you an example of its charm and variety.

[] and its team are ready to give you a proper guidance so that you can make the best tour to this mysterious land.

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India Travel Packages – Creating the Best Itinerary

By Shivani Ahuja

India has a number of travel destinations that attract travelers from around the world. Many tour operators and service providers aim at creating India tour packages and itineraries that are convenient and interesting. Main points that are kept in mind while creating a perfect itinerary for a traveler or a group of travelers are interest, budget and convenience. These are the three main things that the service providers and travelers take care of before choosing the destinations that they want to travel to when they visit India. There are some popular itineraries already available with the India tour operators that are optimal and viable choices for most of the travelers, but if someone wants to customize a new travel plan then it is important that all the given points are kept in mind.

India Travel Notes - India Buddhist Tours

First of all is ‘interest’. Travelers have to decide if they are interested in taking a serene trip to the hills of Himachal and the valleys of Leh and Ladakh, or if they want to enjoy the amazing beaches of Goa and the backwaters of Kerala. There are various options available for adventure, honeymoon, spiritual, wildlife, beaches and many such tours that match different interests and moods. So you have to decide which India Travel package suits you the best and where you want to travel for your next holiday. Second thing that the travelers should keep in mind is ‘budget’. Travelers must ask their tour operators to find them the best deals and tour options that fit their pre-decided budget. It is important that you are able to see all important destinations and visit all interesting places to get the right flavors of your holiday within budget.
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India Travel & Tours – Heritage Attractions

By Rupesh Kumar

India is a one such country which deserves appreciation of tourists from different parts of the world. The country has great tourism and offers excellent tourist facilities. It is the land where tradition tempts and culture captivates and diversity delights. It is globally noted for its rich cultural and nature heritage. With lots of attractions and great tourism opportunity, India has been a globally famous tourism destination. This article is all about heritage attractions of India which you will love to visit and relish on your visit to this charming and captivating country. Have a look at some of popular heritage attractions of this country.

India Travel Notes - Our image of the week

Photograph by Trey Ratcliff

Ajanta and Ellora Caves – Ajanta and Ellora are very popular tourist destinations located near Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra. They are globally noted for rock cut cave temples and monuments. They are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They attract tourists with their amazing art & architecture in forms of temples of Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Tourists have a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of this country by exploring deserving cave temples at Ajanta and Ellora.
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North India Travel Packages – Don’t Miss It

By Genelia Brown

If you are planning for a vacation and confused about where to go, then you can consider visiting India. India is a beautiful country with geographical as well cultural diversities. You will find so many beautiful and interesting places in India that you will get tired if you will try to visit almost all the famous places. India is such a country which has something to see for everyone. If you are the one who is interested in ancient forts and monuments, then you will find them in abundance in states like Udaipur, Jaipur etc. And if the calmness and heights of the mountains fanaticize you, then you can visit various hill stations like Shimla, Mussorie, Nainital etc.

India Travel Notes - Adventure Tours in India

Photograph by Raghuram Ashok

Travel packages are also categorized according to various states included in them. For those who want to visit the heart of India which includes states of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan etc., a North India travel package is recommended. It was in northern India, where a number of kings ruled in the ancient times. You will find numerous beautiful forts here, which are studied by a number of archaeologists. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination in India, then there are endless choices. Hill stations like Shimla, Kullu Manali, and Mount Abu etc. offer such romantic locations, which will make your honeymoon experience even more memorable. If you will visit Rajasthan which lies in northern India, then you will be able to see magnificent palaces of great Mughal kings. You will also find luxury hotels built in the palaces of kings, to provide you a royal experience.
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Get Drenched In India Travel & Tourism

By Rabish Singh

Welcome to India, one of the most important tourist destinations of the world. Tourists from all over the world visit this country not without reasons. There are lots of options for tourism in India. The country has lots of tourism options which can be enjoyed on travel and tours to India.

India Travel Notes - North India Tours – Luxury India Travel Services

Photograph by Dennis G.Jarvis

-Cultural Tourism
-Hill Station Tourism
-Adventure Tourism
-Heritage Tourism
-Wildlife Tourism
-Health Care or Medical Tourism
-Wedding Tourism
-Village Tourism
-Pilgrimage Tourism
-Special Interest Tourism
-Ethnic Tourism
-Green Tourism or Eco Tourism
-Monsoon Tourism etc are some of very popular options available in India which you can too experience on your India tours.

The entire country is full of fascinating attractions and never fails to allure its visitors. During travel and tours in India you will have wonderful opportunity to mesmerizing blends of past and present. You will see that mingle of tradition and modernity in a perfect harmony.

“When you come to India, you are inspired by the past and you can see the future” – US President George Bush, New Delhi – 3rd March 2006.

India is globally known for its unique culture and traditions. People of India are generous and always helpful to its guests. India is the country of diversity and you can see its diversity in its culture, tradition, cuisine, lifestyle, people, costumes, languages, weather, landscapes, etc. In whatever part of the county you travel, you experience a new charm and something extra on your every step of your India travel and tours.

There are lots of fascinating destinations which are among top positions of horizon of world tourism – Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, Shimla, Manali, Ooty, Munnar, New Delhi, Uttaranhal, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Mysore, Bangalore, etc are well known tourism destinations of India Tourism.

Rajasthan – the Land of Kings & Monuments is globally famous for rich culture, custom and traditions. It is one of the most visited states of India. It has lots of attractions well persevered to offer its visitors. Invincible Forts, Elegant Palaces, Terrific Temples, Stunning Havelis, Traditional Villages, Camel Safari on Thar Desert, Wildlife Sanctuaries & Tiger Reserves, etc are prime attractions of Rajasthan tours. In the boost of tourism in India Rajasthan tourism plays a major role.

Kerala tours and Goa tours are very famous among tourists from all over the world for beach tourism Goa is India’s most popular beach destination and dotted with foreign tourists all year around. Kerala is also known for backwater tourism and health tourism Alleppey and Kumarakom are the prime backwater destinations of Kerala and ideal for staring houseboat cruise over the romantic and scenic backwaters. Almost entire Kerala is dotted with amazing greenery and beautiful landscapes. Kovalam is the Kerala’s most famous beach destination. It is dotted with several Ayurvedic Resorts and Health Care Centers.

Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India the most visited destinations of the country. It is the home of Taj Mahal – India’s star Attraction. The Shimla, Manali, Kullu, etc are known for superb natural beauty and lots of adventure and sports activities.

So, if you to want to enjoy the charm of India tourism you must tour India and explore its fascinating destinations and attractions. Be, sure your travel and tourism in this country will be a delightful experience of lifetime.

Worth Deserving! Worth Exploring! Worth Enjoying!

Rabish Singh
Content Writer
eTrade Services, New Delhi

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India Travel Tips – For a Memorable Tour

By Rajeev K Singh

ndia is one of the largest countries in Asia and is vastly populated. India has the neighboring countries as Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Srilanka, Maldives and Indonesia. Cultural richness and rich heritage of the country makes it a major tourist destination. This country shows unity in diversity. India has diverse geography, climate, ethnicity, culture, language and expanse. The useful India travel tips will definitely come in handy for your safe and memorable trip to India.


India Travel Notes - Information About India Tour Tourism and Hotels

Photograph by Raghuram Ashok

India experiences three major seasons- cold winter, scorching summer and wet monsoons. The best time to visit India is during October to February. Indians divide the seasons into six seasons- spring, summer, rainy, autumn, winter and mild winter.
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India Travel Forums – The Traveler’s Delight

By Raj K Sinha

We have all heard the word “forum” and the present world, fast transcending into an “e-world” has umpteen umber of such forums. A web forum can be simply defined as an online message board or a bulletin board for endless and detailed discussions on various issues. One of the most upcoming forums in India is the “India Travel Forum”.

As the word suggests, India travel forums provide a hands-on experience on travel within India. Such discussion forums also guide travelers visiting India to make their travel a pleasurable one.

India Travel Notes - Travel To India - The Land Of Endless Tourism Options

Photograph by Raghuram Ashok

Indian travel forums have certainly become a useful tool for all the vacation lovers who wish to explore the natural wonders of India. The members of forums can share their pictures, suggestions, and first-hand experiences on several destinations. Technology features like “chatting” enable the forum members to get swift responses to all their travel related queries. The personal travel experiences shared by the members give an honest review of the place visited. From the route to be taken, the tips to be followed, the places to be visited to the money you need to expend, you can actually get all the required information as to everything that a traveler can think of. Indian travel industry is expanding rapidly as every other Indian is eagerly looking forward to a getaway within India to discover the mystique landscape and the breathtaking water bodies. As they say: “Better late than never”, India has finally struck on the right keys with several Indian travel communities being set up to make travel as easy as it can get.

The Indian travel discussion forums have eventually made their mark and have come a long way from taking advice from a few friends before heading for a vacation to sharing it on a much larger platform with thousands of real-time travelers. Travel forums are not only for people seeking answers to their travel related queries, but also for people who have immense knowledge about the Indian hotspots or frequent travelers as they can share or guide the other members. There are countless advantages of being a member of the India travel forums as listed above but a fairly important one is being saved from the exaggerated views of the Indian travel agents about any destination, which may land you in a highly praised location but does not suit your interests. Most of all, if you pay a hefty amount and do not get the worth then all that remains is an unhappy traveler-the basic purpose of travel being defeated. You are no more rejuvenated but remorseful after your trip, this is where the forums step in with the genuine common people (travelers) ready to lend a helping hand. To the contrary, the forums might just suggest a travel agent or a tour operator who turns out to be a blessing for your vacation offering cost-effective packages.

The picture-sharing feature of the forums help you to get a look and feel of the place you wish to visit. Thus, Indian travel forums can save your time, money and offer you an expert opinion by the travelers themselves. Next time when you are making your travel plans, be it a South India tour, a North India tour or any corner of the Indian subcontinent, you know where to find the travel gurus. Be a part of the change, be a member of the Indian Travel forums. Happy traveling!!

Indian travel discussion forums

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India Travel: A Wonderland at Your Fingertips

By Japhy Ryder

India travel can be daunting, but is also capable of providing one of the most enriching travel experiences in the world. India is a land of elephants and maharajahs, of ancient temples and brilliant light. It’s a place of rickshaws and spicy food, and dense jungle and snow dusted mountain peaks. Travelling in India is, in fact, like visiting a hundred countries at once. Landscapes range from the boiling Thar desert of Rajasthan to the freezing high altitude meadows of Ladakh. In the north east the people like Asiatic as India draws towards the Chinese border, and in the north west pale skinned, a product of the Aryans long ago.

India Travel Notes

Photograph by Zé Eduardo

Getting a good travel insurance package is a must before your journey to India. Buy a comprehensive package that will put your mind at rest, and then add a simple first aid kit to your bag with some of the essentials in there. Mosquito repellent is useful, plus a decent net that ideally has simple hooks or ropes to string up in your room. Most of the other things you can buy while you’re in India, as there are many well stocked pharmacies. Be sure to check the best before date, however, but otherwise you should be absolutely fine.
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