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Why You Should Take a Look at a Kerala Travel Map While Planning Your Trip There

By Mejason John

DSCN1367Kerala is a southernmost state in India blessed with natural beauty. It is known as ‘Gods own country’ as it looks like made by the very own hands of God. Kerala is famous for its spices, culture, Ayurveda and its vast backwaters and houseboats. Kerala had trade relations with different parts of the world dated from 5th BC. It is also the place where the Portuguese captain Vasco Da Gama landed and henceforth the beginning place for colonialism which ruled India for years.

Being the first place to establish trading relations with the west, Kerala has lots of forts and buildings built by the Portuguese and British and are an open window to the past. These historic monuments show the beauty of western architecture and are centre of tourist attraction.
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Why Should You Try Kerala Holidays at Least Once?

By James D John

Is it time for another vacation? Are you searching for a place that can make you forget all your problems and fall in love with nature? If so, you need a few Kerala holidays that can let you relax and unwind and fresh to meet your life. Kerala, you must be aware, is a place that is blessed abundantly by nature with all beautiful varieties. You need waterfalls, beaches, mountain ranges or even forests? You’ll find all of these in Kerala and a lot more. Kerala holidays are one of most unforgettable moments for most visitors who come here for their vacation, sometimes alone and sometimes with family.


Kerala is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Western Ghats that makes the place special and unique in many ways. While different from all the Dravidian cultures of other South Indian states, the place and the people here are not only different from others but also different from each other. And this difference in people can be seen the cities and villages also of this place. Each place is very different from the other, yet bound to each other by traditions and culture that belongs to Kerala only.
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Things To Do In Kerala

By Bharat Darshan

Kerala is the south western state of India. All around the world it is famous for its pristine grace and tranquil and soothing atmosphere. It is also a major tourist destination and travelers from all around the globe come here in search of peace. One can indulge themselves in lot of activities when holidaying in this amazing state.


Visit to Backwaters: Kerala has a vast network of beautiful backwaters and they are also the most visited destination of this state. No tour will be complete without a ride in traditional houseboats or Kettuvalloms. They are the best getaways to spend the holidays in calm and serene environment. They are also a popular tourist attraction. Some famous backwaters are Kumarkom, Cochin, Kollam and Alappuzha. Snake boat race is a must watch event.
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Summers Are Approaching and Its High Time to Visit God’s Own Country Kerala

By Kandpal Chandra Subhash

Rightly said to be ‘God’s own country’, Kerala has true aspects of amazing tourist attractions. From beaches and backwaters of Kerala to the heavenly hill stations, every small place is ideal for relaxation and leisure. The best season to visit this place is summers as the state is relatively much colder than other places in India during this season.


Kerala tours will take you to that place on the Earth, which is tremendously serene and mystical. You can leave your routine schedules and stress at home and take lots of sweet and charming memories back home that would be cherished throughout life.
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Kovalam Beach India Travel

By Mithi Dey

The sea shores of Kovalam in Kerala offer a blissful holiday to its beach lovers. It depict the golden miles that welcome the gentle waves and and the natural rays, all the year round. The best time to enjoy a beach vacation in Kovalam is from October to March, when swimmers, surfers and sun-bathers covers miles after miles and explore its scenic beauty.


Beach Activities in Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam beholds three touristy beaches, namely- Samudra, Hawah and Lighthouse. All the three beaches are best places for hang out, particularly in the evening. A number of open-air cafes and pizzerias offers the cool ambiance to the visitors. They arrange deck-chairs, eatables and leisure activity for the sybarite and also organizes water-sports equipments for the adventure lovers.
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Kerala’s Houseboat Tour Packages: Sunbathe in Scenic Backwaters in a Houseboat

By Yadav Sunil

Kerala’s backwaters dotted by coconut groves and verdant islands, offering scenic views of land and water, with houseboat cruises, make for a excellent holiday. Once popular with the hippies only throughout the 1970’s, Kerala swept into worldwide limelight to be recognised as one of the world’s 10 paradises by Traveller, National Geographic’s magazine and is listed among the top 100 destinations for this century by Travel and Leisure.


Originally used to transportation tonnes of rice and spices, Kerala’s huge and sturdy out-dated kettuvalams or houseboats were turned into exotic barges for leisure retreats by using natural products entirely. The kettuvallam is uniquely calculated and can last for centuries; it’s made of jack-wood, joined with coir knots without using any nails, and coated with a caustic resin made out of boiled cashew kernels. Wood from the areca nut tree, bamboo mats and sticks make the roof; wooden planks and coir mats are used for the flooring; there are coir beds with coir matting; and solar panels provide lighting. The Kerala Tour Package is a unique experience: some of the houseboats are air-conditioned; there are 1-bedroom houseboats to 4-bedroom houseboats, which are equipped to provide every modern amenity to the discerning traveller.
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Kerala Tours and Travel

By Tony J Anderson

Choosing Kerala tours and travels can make one of the best holidays in you’ll ever have, the beauty, the attractions, the people and food all make for one spectacular adventure. Kerala is located in South India on the Western side and while it may be one of the smallest states but it certainly has one of the biggest personalities.


The state is perhaps most famous for the backwaters, a network of almost 1000 Kilometres of canals and waterways linking various lakes, towns and villages. No Kerala tours and travel is complete without a trip to the Kerala backwaters. The best ways to see the stunning backwaters is by houseboat. The boats, known locally as Kettuvallams and where originally used as freight ferries to transport the thousands of tonnes of rice and spices that Kerala produces each year out of the state. Since the invention of trucks these beautiful boats became obsolete before somebody decided that they made excellent houses. Now there are almost 2000 of these boats which float up and down the waterways of Kerala on a daily basis giving tourists and travellers from all over India and the world a beautiful insight into a true natural wonder. The backwaters really have to be seen to be believed, a huge expanse of water intermitted by small dwelling, villages and rice paddies. They support a massive biodiversity of both plants and animals and the area has become very popular internationally as a bird watching hotspot.
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Kerala Tourism – A Journey of Mystic Delight

By Uravashi Beniwal

Popularly known as the “Gods Own Country”, Kerala is a land of beauty and splendor. The state with its scenic beauty, idyllic charm and rich tradition appears to be the handiwork of the Supreme artist. There is no better way to explore scenic beauty and rich tradition and culture than enjoying the wonder of Kerala tourism. Make a tour of the state and enjoy to the maximum.


Cultural and traditional tours form a major part of Kerala tourism. The state is famous for its rich tradition and religious fervor. You can go to renowned cities and pilgrimage spots like Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kollam, Kozhikode, Munnar, Palakkad, Cheruthuruthy and Kumarakom and other places. Kerala is also a land of festivals. Travelers can experience local tradition by witnessing various festivals like Onam, Kerala Boat festival, Attukal Pongala Festival and lots more.
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Kerala Tour Packages – Best Tours in God’s Own Country

By Kandpal Chandra Subhash

Containing the southernmost tip of India, “Kanyakumari”, and finding a place in south-western part of Incredible India; Kerala – God’s own country holds a magnetic attraction for millions from all corners of the globe. The world’s paradise has unique geographical features with verdant state being divided in to mountains, valleys, midlands plains and coastal plains.


The state of Kerala is true example of nature’s pristine blessings on it, and its matchless arts, customs, festivals and real revitalizing beauty has given a new definition to Kerala tour of Incredible India. The exotic trip of God’s own country cherished due to its exciting backwater spots, magnificent beaches with majestic art of sunset, wildlife sanctuaries, and spectacular houseboat holiday with a unique traditional Ayurvedic treatment.
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Kerala Backwaters New Year Celebrations

By Mithi Dey

Lets make a New Year resolution of enjoying some cozy hours in the lap of Mother Nature. The backwaters of Kerala is one such place which offers us to escape from the chaotic urban India. Cruising on the beautiful houseboats (kettuvallams) and measuring the silent flow of rivers, their tributaries, lakes and canals are the most preferred task in the southern zone of the country.


Backwaters in Kerala expands up to 1, 900 km and connects many islands and village of the State. Since long time, the luxuriant water-ways have been used by people for the purpose of navigation and transportation. And, these days, with the enhancement of travel and tourism, these have become the sought after itinerary for tourists.
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