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Festivals of Manipur

India Travel By Niyati Khanna

Manipur is one of the Seven Sisters’ state of India and is located in the country’s north-east. The state observes various festivals around the year. Following are some of the popular ones.

Kang (Rathyatra)

India Travel Notes - Festivals of Manipur

Image Courtesy – Ankur Dave

Rathyatra is a major festival of Manipur and is locally known as “Kang”. It’s held during the second new moon phase in the months of June-July for 10 days. During the festival, a rally is brought out on the streets, followed by a music party. They play drums, gongs, conches and bells. People sing devotional songs and dance in the rally. The devotees offer prayers and sings hymns for god. In the evening, community feasts are organized at various temples. Kirtan, or devotional songs, are sung by the devotees. Special foods are prepared for offering to the god. People were new and special clothes during the festival. The men folk sport attractive headgear.
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