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Mumbai Festivals and Good Hotels in Mumbai

By Ipsita Prusty

Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra and amongst the most happening cosmopolitan cities of India. People from all religions, caste and creed reside in this Indian city that is the reason every festival of every community is celebrated with equal fervor and charm in Mumbai.


Festivals in Mumbai

Every month brings with it a special festival for Mumbai-dwellers, but among the most important and widely celebrated Mumbai festivals are:
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Mumbai – One of The Best Indian Destinations

India Travel Notes presents: By Steily William

123_2338Do you crave the effervescence and vim of a big city, with its shops, restaurants and urban attractions? Whatever you’re looking for, Mumbai is the place to choose for your next vacation – because this city truly does have it all. Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a solo traveler seeking adventure, or you’re traveling with your family, Mumbai has something for you. Forming an innate harbor, Mumbai is about 10 meters above sea level and comprises seven islands, which were united through various land reclamation projects. The distinctiveness about Mumbai is it being India’s entertainment and business hub, home to the Reserve Bank of India, National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Indian Film Industry Centre, which is universally known as ‘Bollywood’.

When planning a trip to Mumbai, one of the best ways to enjoy it and keep it all organized, is through the use of city reviews- Mumbai. These reviews serve your purpose both when planning, and when you are there in the city. City reviews – Mumbai can give you an overview about Mumbai right from roads, hotels, transportation sight seeing to restaurants in Mumbai and more. And once you are in the city, you will quickly find what you are looking for; thanks to the in-depth reviews. City reviews- Mumbai is a report about Mumbai and what living in Mumbai is like. It can also serve as a travel report facilitating the newcomer’s or your next visit to this city.
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Places to Visit Mumbai

India Travel Notes presents: kuldeepmmt

Being the commercial capital of India is just one face of the coin, well it’ll not be wrong to say that this coin has a lot many more faces as Mumbai unfolds itself on the go every time, the more you visit the more you get out of it. From the Hollywood of India to the local streets of a businessman and from the high cuisine and buffets of a 5 star to a local mouth watering “Bhelpuri” at the local stall of Chowpaaty, it has got something for everyone.

India Travel Notes – Places to Visit Mumbai

Given below are some of the places where one may have a visit while in Mumbai:

Gateway of India

One of the pioneer landmarks of Mumbai is the Gateway of India, it was built in the honour of King George V and the Queen. One can enjoy the ferry ride along side it and get a beautiful glimpse of this structure from the ferry.
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Mumbai – A Dash of India / A City of Energy & Enigma / A City of Spirit

India Travel Notes presents: MANOJ MISHRA

Mumbai or Bombay whichever way you like to call it is a city of stardust and millions of dreams as they say. The financial capital of India, Mumbai has carved a specific place for itself on the map of the world. A conglomerate of seven islands, this city got its present name – Mumbai in 1996, earlier it was known as Bombay, the name given to it by the British. The never say die spirit and never ending energy of Mumbai has earned it an epithet of the ‘City which Never Sleeps’.


A gateway to India for the ships from the west, Mumbai truly present the people with the real picture of India. A cocktail of people from all over the country make it a mini India. Mumbai can also be reached through air, rail and road. If you are traveling by air, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the city’s connecting point with the world. This Mumbai Airport provides air network to the city of Mumbai with international as well as national destinations.
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Spend your Vacation Enjoying the Movies in Mumbai

India Travel Notes presents: Amit Bhalla

Mumbai is the land of dreams where people come from all over the country to realize their ambition and create a life for themselves. The major attraction of Mumbai is its film industry that is known as ‘Bollywood’ not only in India but also internationally. Most of the people, who arrive in Mumbai, come with stars in their eyes and think of making it big in various industries, films being a primary source of attraction. It is however, not just the acting part that attracts people as Mumbai, being the financial capital of India, has sufficient opportunities for people who are willing to strive hard to realize their dreams. The film industry, which is a major source of income for India now, has made a name for itself in the global scenario with the movies in Mumbai creating a wave even in the international film festivals and winning many awards.

India Travel Notes – Spend your Vacation Enjoying the Movies in Mumbai

Movies in Mumbai are a major source of entertainment and livelihood for many people and hence the industry is thriving and gaining strength day by day. Each Friday sees the release of new movies and many of them go on to become blockbusters of the year. Even now there exist many people who would not want to miss the first day first show of Friday and go on a hunt for tickets much in advance when a much awaited movie is about to be released. Well, if you too fall into the category of movie lovers, then one of the best ways to catch the movies in Mumbai would be through the yellow pages service or perhaps the internet. Find out the theater where your preferred movie is playing, get the contact details for the place and book your tickets over the phone. This will ensure that you have your tickets secured and can watch the show at a date and time preferred and convenient to you.
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The Star Studded City of India: Mumbai

India Travel Notes presents: Nancy Eben

One of the four metropolitan in India, Mumbai is the largest city and the state capital of Maharashtra. Earlier called Bombay, Mumbai is factually a congeries of seven island located on the Konkan coast.
Mumbai is best known for its Bollywood industry which is an internationally acclaimed Hindi film industry. Since Mumbai is an important city, accommodations come in all variety. Whether you are looking cheap Mumbai hotel or luxury hotels in Mumbai, you will find it all here. Offering you a gamut of interesting holiday packages to choose from, Mumbai Hotels are just the right place on earth to relax

India Travel Notes – The Star Studded City of India: Mumbai

Well dotted with architectural wonders, cozy restaurants, and first-rate hotels, Mumbai is a Chic city. Some of the famous hotels in Mumbai are as follows:
Taj Hotel in Mumbai
If one were to describe the Taj Palace Hotel of Mumbai in a word then it would no doubt be magnificent. Since its inception in the year 1903, the Taj Hotel has made a mark for it self. The structure of the hotel is an eclectic architectural brilliance of Oriental, Moorish and Florentine styles. The interiors of the hotel and its rooms has been decorated and embellished delightfully with exquisite art collection, hand-woven silk carpets on the floor, an impressive cantilever flight of steps, arched alabaster ceilings, spacious guest rooms, gigantic halls, crystal chandeliers among others.
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Mumbai Travel Guide

India Travel Notes presents: Sin Nana

Overview : Mumbai (Bombay), suburbs consisting of seven islands that once belonged to the fishing folk. Today it is an emerging metropolis, surrounded by the sea.


Young, lively diverse cultural streams flows and cross currents Mumbai have a unique position of multinational city of India. The capital of is located in the southwestern part of India and occupies a peninsula, which originally consisted of seven small islands and the Konkan coast of Western India. Mumbai, also financial and commercial hub of the country ooze and have a main port on the Arab sea.

However, there is another face of Mumbai that it is most closely populated cities in the world. Mumbai is put on a place of the old regulation and took to its name of the local goddess “Mumba”, a shape of Shiva’s wife, Parvati.
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Mumbai – The City That Never Sleeps

India Travel Notes presents: By G Chhabra

Mumbai occupies a position of prime significance in India as the largest Metropolis and one of the most important commercial centers of the country. This coastal capital of the state of Maharashtra makes for the cultural hub of India with its unique multi-ethnic global outlook. Mumbai is the 5th most populated metropolitan area in the world and home to the largest film industry in the world, commonly known as Bollywood. With entertainment industry being one of the most booming sectors on a global plane and Bollywood movies attracting unprecedented popularity around the world, the significance and contribution of Indian cinema cannot be overlooked in an economic as well as cultural context.

India Travel Notes – Mumbai - The City That Never Sleeps

On top of it all, it has a deep natural sea harbour which caters to more than half of the country’s sea traffic and cargo.
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Mumbai – The Most Entertaining Place of India

India Travel Notes presents: By Gerry Brills

Mumbai is the most economical city of India and many major industries and multinational companies are established and establishing in Mumbai. From the lifestyle style side people of Mumbai use very different and interesting kind of way. Due to the availability of pubs and discothèques in a huge numbers in Mumbai, people likes to enjoy the nightlife so much. No doubt that the night life in Mumbai makes people very happy and enjoy full.

India Travel Notes - Mumbai - The Most Entertaining Place of India

Photograph by Claude Renault

Most of the things are very different in Mumbai as compare to other cities of India such as vibrant street life of Mumbai, dabbler nightlife, huge varied in cultures which results number of variety in thought and living way of people. The Mumbai city can also be said as one of the best global entertainment brand in India. If someone visits first time in Mumbai then he/her must feel very exiting very please because of the great and different kind of environment. Tourists and travelers can find here everything which is able in providing nocturnal spree to them. Wide ranges of cocktail clubs, hard rock spots, coffeehouses and piano – bar restaurants are best example for making the night very colorful and memorable. All these are really immersed you in a very exited and enjoying life.
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Travel To India And Visit Majestic Mumbai

India Travel Notes presents: By: Ajith Kumar Guptha

In the United States, New York is known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Its counterpart in India is Mumbai. India is among the favorite tourist destinations at present. Despite the small troubles that occur in the streets of India, tourists still love to go to this magnificent and alluring country. Maybe because of its glorious past or perhaps of its scenic tourist spots… India is a place that you shouldn’t miss to visit. If you travel to India, visit Mumbai.

India Travel Notes - Travel To India And Visit Majestic Mumbai

Mumbai is a very important commercial center in India. So far, it is the largest metropolitan area and is densely populated. The so-called Star Machine of the country is found in Mumbai, Bollywood. This Star Machine is able to come up with motion pictures more than what Hollywood can produce. The entertainment industry in India is booming and its popularity around the world is ever increasing. Indian cinema has definitely contributed to the country’s cultural and economic context.
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