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2015 Edition – The beauty of Tamil Nadu

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2015 Edition – The beauty of Tamil Nadu

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What to See and Enjoy Amongst Tamil Nadu Tourist Attractions?

By Lusi Grre

Though entire India contains plenty and diverse attractions for tourists, the southern part of India has much more on offer. A rich blend of culture, history, therapies and religions, Tamil Nadu offers more than just sight-seeing. If you intend to visit Tamil Nadu in near future, make sure you have written down all the places you wish to see. Also, make sure you plan the travel in advance so that you get ample time to check out the different and varying attractions of Tamil Nadu.


One of the important aspects of Tamil Nadu tourism is religious pilgrimages. Out of these, the main type of religious pilgrimage is related to Hindu religion. For Hindus, Tamil Nadu not only provides many places with different Gods and Goddesses to get blessings, it also gives you spectacular glimpses into the historic architecture.
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The Golden Temple of Sri Lakshmi Narayani, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

By Ruma Sen

On a sultry summer’s day, we drove down to Vellore, to see the grand Hindu religious structure called the Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple. This temple draws hordes of tourists from all parts of the country. From the city of Bangalore, this is exactly 180 kms away, located in the state of Tamil Nadu, and can be done as a one day trip. With the help of a local contact, we were able to locate the temple easily. Entry tickets to the temple are done from the ticket counters. For the elderly and disabled, there was a special facility of a wheel-chair, along with an attendant, which we quickly availed of for the senior citizen of the family.


We left our shoes and our entire belongings, including cell-phone, handbags, and cameras in the car, for we had been told that there was a strict security system in the temple. Our experience started from here. Once out of the car, we literally hopped, skipped and jumped to the main temple gate, for the tar was burning hot and scalded the underside of our feet. To our relief, the entire pathway from the gate had mosaic flooring, and a damp jute carpeting had been provided for tourists to stand on. Fortunately for us, we did not have to wait in the queue for too long.
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Tamil Nadu – A potpourri of culture and festivity

By Roozbegh Gazdar

amil Nadu is a delightful anachronism. With a rich culture reaching back to the early dawn of history, the land of Temples is also a modern developing state. Tamil Nadu, Jewel of the South, is well known as a tourist destination in India. With a past brimming with superior cultural and artistic achievements, tourists flock to Tamil Nadu mainly for its historical heritage. But there’s more…
Traveling to Chennai, dashing capital of Tamil Nadu, tourists see a modern city, impressive as well as eminently livable. Besides, Tamil Nadu also has its fair share of great beaches, nature, wildlife, good food, festivals and fun.

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Photograph by Christian Lagat

History of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu’s history reaches back to the earliest annals of pre-Aryan India. The earliest Tamilians were descendents of the Dravidian race and the remnants of their early civilization excavated at Mohanjo Daro and Harappa, in North- Western India testify to a highly developed society and culture. Invading Aryans caused them to retreat further South into Peninsular India in today’s Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and of course Tamil Nadu. Here they settled and prospered, practiced statesmanship, built temples, pursued academics, wrote literature, composed music and poetry and gave rise to one of the oldest and most refined cultures of India.
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South India Travel

By Debalina Debroy

South India Travel offers travel buff some perfect holiday destinations where one can enjoy, relax amidst serene beaches, captivating back water, historical monuments, beautiful hill stations, pilgrimage sites, wonderful temples, rich wildlife and lively fairs and festivals. India is a magical and exotic place every corner of India offers something different. Similarly the Southern part of India offer some signature attractions which are unparalleled. In a south India travel one has to explore states like – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Island which are simply vibrant and excellent Southern part of India is such a place where every traveler finds their place, whether the tourist is a adventure freak, a pilgrim or a nature lover. The different states of India has different attractions. Let me give a brief descriptions of different southern parts of India.


Kerala, the most sought after tourists destination in South India is a power house of natural beauties. It is referred as God’s own country, surrounded by lush greenery, foggy mountains and lovely back water. Kerala hosts every types of tourists say it honeymoon couples, nature lovers, families from every nook and corner of the globe. This part of South India travel mainly attracts the guests with serene back water of Alleppy, exotic beaches like kovalam and Cochin, lovely hill station like Munnar, ayurveda, wildlife and of course temples and churches. This place has caliber to enthrall each and every tourists.
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General Info on Tamil Nadu

By Bharat Darshan


Tamil Nadu lies between the latitudes of 8.5 degree to 13.3 degree and longitudes of 76.15 degree to 80.20 degree E.

Total area

The 11th largest state of India – Tamil Nadu covers total area of 1,30,058 sq km.


The state enjoys tropical climate with little bit deviation in summer and winter temperature. The temperature ranges between 43 degree C to 13 degree C. The state receives an average annual rainfall ranging between 25 and 75 inches.


Language Spoken

Tamil is the official language of the state.

Food Habits

The culinary world of the state boasts of several vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicious delicacies. Every food item has the flavor of condiments and mixture of spices. Coconut, asafoetida and tamarind are the important ingredients of vegetarian dishes. Every day meal includes vegetables, rice, grains and lentils, served with sambar, coconut chutney and mulaga podi. The non vegetarian dishes includes chicken, fish and mutton curries. Relish at typical dishes of the state which includes idli, sambar, dosa, rasam and pongal.
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Experience Adventure and Beauty at Beaches of Tamil Nadu

By Manish Kr Sinha

IMG_0357Tamil Nadu is incredibly beautiful and charming. The most enchanting facet of this South Indian state is its dramatic beaches. Ideally located on the eastern coast of South India, this state is highly rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. It has many attractions to leave its tourists spell bound such as beaches, ancient temples, hill stations, wildlife and picturesque landscapes.

For beach lovers, Tamil Nadu boasts of several mesmerizing beaches such as:

Covelong Beach:

It is an arresting beach offering wonderful experience to tourists. Located around 40 km from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, this beach offers great opportunities for fishing, swimming and wind surfing. One of its striking attraction is its white sand.
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The Top 5 Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

India Travel Notes presents Sandhya Sharma

The south Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a gem in Indian tourism industry. With its myriad attractions, the state spells a charm on its visitors. Right from man-made to natural attractions, Tamil Nadu has everything that goes on to make a successful holiday.


However, there are certain attractions that tower over the others. These attractions are destinations in themselves in the sense that travellers plan their holiday around them. Here’s a list of the top five attractions that make a trip to Tamil Nadu worth taking
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Tamilnadu Festivals – Experience the Diverse Culture

India Travel Notes presents Manish Kr Sinha

Tamilnadu is dotted with colorful festivals which truly reflect the culture of the place. The state boasts of rich traditions of olden times that can be seen during the festivity. Some of the festivals of Tamilnadu are of religious significance while other festivals present the glimpses of its culture. In this state, several Temple festivals are also celebrated which are loved by visitors.

Some important festivals of Tamilnadu are:

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Photograph by Christian Lagat


It is one of the important festivals for the people of Tamilnadu. The festival is also referred as ‘Tamilar Thirunal’ which means the Prosperity Day of the Tamils. It falls on the middle of January. Pongal festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. It is a celebration of fresh harvest. The festival continues till three days but the enjoyment lasts long in people’s mind. The three festive days are called as Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal and Mattu Pongal. A traditional sweet dish ‘Pongal’ is especially prepared with boiling rice, jaggery and milk on this occasion.
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