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Kanyakumari Travel Destinations

India Travel By Sue Lynn Hughes

A place of both myth and legend where beyond kaleidoscopic beaches the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal meet, forcing wind whipped waves to slap at the feet of giant poets, where those drawn to its mystical power and unique beauty can hear stones sing and watch the moonrise and sunset simultaneously on opposing horizons; all this while receiving the blessings of a virgin goddess… it may sound like the imaginary setting of some whimsical author’s fantasy, but Kanyakumari is very real, and it sits at the extreme southernmost tip of mainland India.


If you’re attracted to water, there is plenty of it. Not only will you find the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal at your doorstep lapping beaches surfaced in multi-colored sands, the Thirparappu Waterfalls fall 50 feet onto the River Kodayar. If Mother Nature hasn’t by now fulfilled your inner aqualicious self you can check out the ridiculous view from one of the largest aqueducts in Asia or indulge in some serious playtime at the seaside waterpark.
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Kanyakumari – Land of the Virgin Goddess

India Travel Notes presents: By Mithi Dey

Kanyakumari addresses the southernmost point of peninsular India. It is the holy meeting point of the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Beach lovers often visit the place and enjoy the spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. Besides, the location beholds the charm of a Hindu pilgrimage center and hence known as land of God and Goddesses.

History of Kanyakumari

India Travel Notes – Kanyakumari - Land of the Virgin Goddess

Image Courtesy – Ankur Dave

Kanyakumari has great significance in the Hindu mythological scriptures. According to the legend, Kanya Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati was about to wed Lord Shiva. But as it was destined the marriage never took place. Rice and cereals stored for the weeding ceremony remained uncooked. As for the princess Kanya Devi became virgin goddess for the believers. Till date, devotees believe to find stones alike crops.
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