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Varanasi Travel Guide To Visit The Temple City

By Suhaina Mazhar Sumazla

Varanasi is the holy city of India and is also called Benaras and Kashi. This is a sacred place of Hindus and one of the oldest cities of the world. Millions of pilgrims visit this place every year and they take bath in the River Ganges early in the morning at sunrise and offer their prayers. Bathing in Ganges is believed to wash away all the sins. There are numerous shrines in Varanasi that it is also known as the city of temples and it attracts spiritual lovers from various parts.

India Travel Notes - Varanasi Travel Guide To Visit The Temple City

Photographed by Bryan Ledgard

Varanasi has a humid subtropical climate and has great variations in summer and winter seasons. The summers are long and hot and so it is better to avoid visiting in summer season. The winters are very cold and the cold waves from the Himalayas make it even colder. The formation of fog will screen the sight in winter making it difficult to travel. The post monsoon season and the early summers are the right time to visit Varanasi.
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Travel Guide to Varanasi India

India Travel Notes presents: David H. Urmann

Identified as the edifying city in India, Varanasi is well-known for its sacred and divine standard of living.

The municipality is legendary because it is deemed as a sanctified area for devotees. it is also identified as the antiquated accessible municipality, and the town has served as a soundless witness to many enormous undertakings.

The name of the city has its source, perhaps from the forenames of the two streams, Varuna and Assi because of the flowing together of Varuna with the Ganges River being to its north and that of Assi and the Ganges to its south. The region is adjacent to the coasts and it is extremely crowded and has rigid indirect roads that are bounded by pavement stores and several temples.

Ethnicities control the municipality and there are lots of sanctified areas and institutions of fidelity all over the municipality. Numerous communal and spiritual ethnicities are still alive in the town and the communal peacefulness is nevertheless widespread within the community.
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