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India in Style – Luxury Tours Through India

By Heiko Tschibulla

What is the first thought coming in your mind when you think of India? Probably most people would answer with cliches like poverty, noise and chaos. Although that side of India does decidedly exist – it’s only one facetof a country with a cultural richness promising marvelous travel experiences.


The opportunity of doing unique luxury tours through India will broaden one’s horizon regarding the world’s second largest population- be it discovering the heritage sites of Old Delhi and visiting private ateliers of New

Delhi-based fashion designers while staying in luxurious hotels such as Oberoi, Aman and The Imperial, or visiting Tibetan Monasteries in the Indian Himalayas (belying once again the rich cultural diversity of India) traveling along the untouched foothills of the Himalayas, continuing with a hiking tour through hidden valleys full of mystical promises – discerning travelers don’t have to relinquish any luxury.
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Monuments Tour of India – Tour of India is Full of With Various Beautiful Monuments

By Pradeep Kumar Sharma

Monuments Tour of India introduces you to the best part of India, its culture, traditions and many more that can never be forgotten. The inheritance and customs of North India percolated in its majestic past will surely attract you the most. While visiting north India you will be able to discover varied sides of this particular region by making the most of different kinds of tour packages that are being offered and can be chosen easily. The Golden Triangle Tour of North India is also the part of Monuments Tour of India. It is one of the most liked tours presented by the travel companies in Travel India. This trip is one of the most admirable tours of India, liked by all the tourists visiting India.


Though, the best time to travel around these cities is during the cooler weather excluding the months of August to February, but it can be intended any time of the year because of its all time admirable and well-liked beauty. Monuments Tour of India covers up the whole entourage of North India including a visit to the famous Taj Mahal. This tour mainly includes the three most important and most sought after cities of India – Delhi, Jaipur and city of Taj Agra.
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Travel in Rajasthan

By Hema Sirwani

Rajasthan is colorful state full of traditions and customs with lots of monuments and forts to watch. It is known for its heritage, culture, sand dunes and safari. It is also famous for reminding the memories of Arabian nights.

India Travel Notes – Experience Royal Treat & Great Hospitality at Rajasthan Hotels

Rajasthan is a state with different cities which are well connected with the various places in India by rail, road and flight also. It is well accessible by rail road and air. The government bus company RSTDC has regular service between cities. Trains are also very popular options for connecting all major cities and towns.
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