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Meghalaya Tourism: The Gem Of North East India Trip

India Travel Notes presents: by SANJOG KR

‘Meghalaya Tourism: The Gem Of North East India Trip’ is an article which highlights one of the fascinating destinations of North East India, Meghalaya. Leaving tourists awe-inspired, the Meghalaya attractions are truly mind-blowing. From caves to waterfalls and gardens, there is so much to explore in this state.

India Travel Notes – Meghalaya Tourism: The Gem Of North East India Trip

Photograph by Ankur Dave

Beloved of nature enthusiasts, Meghalaya, one of the fascinating destinations of Northeast India, is a great place to visit. It is a land of floating clouds, beautiful lakes, amazing caves, romantic waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, wonderful culture and several other mesmerizing tourist attractions. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, this destination is popularly known as the abode of the clouds. Cherapunjee, the place which receives highest rainfall in the world is located in this north eastern state. Adventure sports like trekking are a major attraction of this tourist destination.
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Honeymoon vacation in Himachal

India Travel Notes presents: karthikeyan

The capital of Himachal Pradesh and former summer capital of British India; Shimla is the states most important centre. Overlooking terraced hillsides and cultivations, Shimla is magnificently robed in dense forests of oak and pine, fur and rhododendron, and it is best to travel here on the slow train from Kalka.

India Travel Notes - Honeymoon vacation in Himachal

Photograph by Genevieve Tearle

Bulging at its seams with unprecedented expansion, Shimla retains a colonial aura, with its grand old buildings, colonial edifices, quaint cottages, charming iron lampposts and Anglo-Saxon names.

Offering a view of distant snow clad peaks, charming walks, whispering streams and swaying fields, Shimla is also a convenient base for a variety of adventure sports such as Skiing, Trekking, Fishing and Golfing etc.
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Enjoy The Glory Of South India

India Travel Notes presents: geneliabrown

One of the oldest living civilizations in the history of the world along with the very old heritage of its own is carried by India. The rich heritage of the county displayed in the shell of her old age temples, monasteries, monuments, forts, palaces and museums. These are the few living examples of the country which can be outlined to thousands of years.

India Travel Notes - Glory Of South India

In India travels one can visit and discover assortments of monumental attractions which are accessible in the form of the exhibition of the rich Indian cultural heritage. The magnificent Taj Mahal in the Agra city, pre medieval and medieval forts as well as palaces in the incredible Rajasthan, amazing temples in the southern part of India, historic monuments in Delhi and many more are worth travelling and also worth navigating tombstone attraction of the India travel and the tourism.
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