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A Peek Into the Visitor’s Guide to Khajuraho

India Travel Notes presents Leesa Steve

Khajuraho, which is located in the northern region of Madhya Pradesh, is a city well-known for its temples and monuments. Khajuraho has something to appeal to all kinds of tourists. So whether you are a lover of art and sculpture, a lover of wildlife and nature or simply a devout devotee, Khajuraho is the place to be. This temple town was the capital of the Chandela dynasty, whose rulers claimed to have descended from the moon (Chand in Hindi means moon). The rulers of this royal family of Rajputs built 85 temples during their reign (950AD to 1150AD). However today only 22 temples remain. The visitor’s guide to Khajuraho will give you a listing of the famous temples.

India Travel Notes - Khajuraho Tour: An Expedition to the Temple City!

Photographed by David

The temples are categorized into three distinct groups-Western, Eastern and Southern. The Kandariya Mahadev temple, Chausat yogini temple, Chitragupta temple, Vishwanath temple, Lakshmana temple and Matangeshwara temple are the temples that fall under the Western group of temples. A beautiful ‘Light and Sound’ (Son-et-Lumiere) show is presented after sunset in these temples everyday. As the visitor’s guide to Khajuraho will tell you these shows have tickets priced at Rs 90(Indians) and Rs 300(foreigners). The Eastern group of temples include the three Jain temples namely, Parshvanath, Ghantai and Adinath and three Hindu temples namely Brahma, Vamana and Javari. There are only two temples in the South namely Dulhadev and Chhatrabhuj.
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Tamilnadu Tour – For an Unforgettable Experience

India Travel Notes presents Manish Kr Sinha

Tamil Nadu the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula is famous for its hill stations, sun-kissed beaches, Dravidian style temples and metropolitan cities. It is one of the popular destinations among tourists for spending pleasant holidays. The interwoven charm of historic culture and contemporary attractions calls on scores of tourists to this place from several parts of the globe. The well-known attractions of Taamilnadu are:

Tamilnadu Beaches

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Photograph by Christian Lagat

The geographical location of Tamilnadu on the coast of Bay of Bengal blessed it with number of serene and scenic beaches. Tamilnadu beaches are popular tourist attractions because of its serene and scenic ambience. Beaches of Tamilnadu showcase the perfect blend of silvery sands, azure sea and palm fringed bays. These beaches are the perfect place among tourists who want to spend their vacations amidst scattered charm of nature. The enthralling beauty of these beaches makes it an ideal place for tourists who are seeking for beach holidays and thrill of water sports activities.
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