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Experience Jaipur in All Its Glory With an India Luxury Tour

By Nainika Reddy

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is one of the most visited cities in the country by foreign tourists. Its royal charm and heritage value are instant crowd-pullers. So, an experience of this historic city with an India luxury tour should always be on your mind. Let us see how Jaipur can mesmerize you:

India Travel Notes – Wonder In Rajasthan - A Great Place To Visit!

a. Amer or Amber Fort: You haven’t seen Jaipur if you haven’t seen the Amber Fort. It is the best attraction of the town and is so rich in history that you will feel completely overwhelmed. A personal tip would be to always hire a guide. Guides are not that expensive and would cost you around Rs 100-200. Without a guide you will miss out on interesting trivia and may find it a Herculean task to explore the length and breadth of the mammoth fort. It is here that you shall come across the palatial rooms of the medieval kings. The view from the fort is also hypnotic. During the evening, the light-n-sound show is held and is very informative and engaging. Luxury tours to India can be chalked out to include the show. The show lasts for an hour and is aired in both English and Hindi.
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Highlights of North India Tour – Delhi, Varanasi & Rajasthan

India Travel Notes presents Rupesh Kumar

North India is a popular tourism zone. The northern part of the country is very rich in natural endowment and man made attraction spots to attract tourists in greater volume. This part of county is mainly popular of wildlife tourism, religious tourism and historical tourism. Delhi, Varanasi and Rajasthan are the main highlight of north India tour.

India Travel Notes - Delhi Tour

Let us explore the striking features of these places one by one to get maximum enjoyment from North India Tour. Along with touring also enjoy window shopping at these places.
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Weekend Tour Around Delhi

India Travel Notes presents Kandpal Chandra Subhash

Delhi, beautiful capital city of India, is a very popular tourist destination in itself. However, people who are already living in Delhi need some places to visit for a quick weekend getaway or just to relax or recharge their bodies and minds. Here we will give you some very good options for a weekend tour around Delhi so that you can make the most of your weekend this time.

Corbett Weekend Tour

India Travel Notes - Heritage in Delhi

Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is India’s most popular wildlife sanctuary. It is spread over an area of 520 sq. km. and is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. Corbett National Park has the highest density of tigers in India. Other animals to be found here are bear, leopard, sambhar, and elephant. Ramganga river, which flows through this park, is abundant in wonderful mahaseer. Jim Corbett Park is 290 km away from Delhi.
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